My Brain is a Ninja

During my morning meditation, I had this crazy thought. I mean, I have multiple crazy thoughts during meditation…which is why it’s called a practice…so no judgement here. Anywho, today’s thought really was an AH HA moment. Maybe I’m late to the party, or really on to something, but here goes…

My Brain is a NINJA. I mean I know the brain is important…but have you really thought about everything that it does. For example, when you have a conversation, your brain processes the words that the other persons says, breaks down sentences to words, recognizes inflection and underlying meaning and makes sense of it all. It then goes on to creating a thought which is your response. Now, your response is made of past experiences that have been recalled to help frame the response - so she went on a deep dive into a library of your mind, checked out a few books, read them, and then crafted the right response. She ain’t done yet! Your brain then goes on to send a signal to your mouth and vocal cords that allow you to respond. The most fascinating thing to me is that this all happens at the same damn time…and you could also be doing a whole other activity. I have conversations while walking, while running, while hiking…while carrying on a conversation via text message…and baking a cake.…and my Brain is managing those activities as well. The Brain is a Ninja. Even now, thoughts are circling in my mind at the same time my fingers are identifying letters on a keyboard that helps me create sentences that now appear on my screen in front of me - like WHOA! We as humans should be amazed and grateful by what our Brain allows us to accomplish. I say all this to…Your brain is capable of amazing things..and it doesn’t even need to be plugged in or updated…so what is holding you back from creating the life you want - cuz your brain is already clearly on board!

February In Paris

This time last year I had the honour of coordinating a Styled shoot in Paris.  I was maxing and relaxing in the South of France the week before and came up with the idea to make the most of my last few moments in France.  I was heading back to Paris in a few days and wanted to do a styled shoot while there.  With only a few days and no true relationships, I hustled and made it all come together.  There weren't any over the top details or intricate installations, its pure and simply Paris. Thanks to all the amazing vendors and friends that made the moment all come together!


Click here to see the images on French Wedding Style


You and Your Wedding Article - By Fallon Carter

So this one time during Bridal Fashion week I ran into the Editors of You and Your Wedding in the UK.  We ended up splitting a cab to the next show and joking about all the wedding trends we hated and the ones we couldn't get enough of!  Before you know it I am sharing images of recent weddings I have done and brainstorming content for their upcoming magazine! Here are some of the trends I shared with You and Your Wedding for their March/April 2015 issues.  The article was also picked up by The Daily Mail UK - Check it out here

Styled Shoot in the South of France

This winter I was able to travel to Europe for a much needed vacation...and dose of carbohydrates. While abroad- I decided to coordinate a styled shoot with some local vendors in the area...the South of France that is.  We shot at this gorgeous venue called Château De Roquelune in Peznas, France and it was everything and more.  This was a True French wedding captured by Didier of Neupap Photogaraphy   The chateau was equipped with its own Chapel and Orangerie - perfect setting for a French Fête!